Christine is Busway’s One in a Million

The millionth Busway passenger took a ride on Thursday, January 12, on the highly successful and record breaking transport facility opened in August last year.

Christine Chandler from Colne was picked as the millionth passenger as she took her father Len Burrow, the millionth and one passenger to Addenbrooke’s Hospital from St Ives Park and Ride.

More than 200,000 trips a month are being taken on the worlds longest Busway since its opening in August 2011.

Christine, who is a regular user of the Busway since it opened, said: “We use the Busway regularly to go shopping or to the hospital. It is really convenient and means you don’t have to go on the A14. It is really regular, reliable and efficient and has got us where we want to go on time. It was a complete surprise to be the millionth passenger and we are really pleased.”

This is a massive milestone for the Busway and is ahead of our business forecasts. The Busway is proving very popular as a fast and reliable way to travel and I was pleased to see our millionth customer ride the Busway.

We still have to sort out the contractual issues but the busway is clearly a huge success. I am sure all those who giggled, predicted a white elephant, complained and predicted failure will now recognise that they may have got it wrong and give full support to this fantastic piece of infrastructure.

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