Last year the Lib Dems wanted to put up council tax 3.4%

2011-alternative-budget Lib demLets see what the Lib Dems will say this year about a council tax rise. Last year in the Lib Dem alternative budget they wanted to raise council tax by 3.4%, we held it at 0%.

So, I wonder what they will do this year? They could not really speak out for a 0% rise for risk of being accused of flip floping around in the never ending search for votes(surely not I hear you say).

They never want to support anything we do so I guess 2.95% is out of the question.

I am guessing the only alternative they have is to press on with the 3.4% rise that they so passionately wanted last year.

Lets wait and see. Breaking news – rumour has it they are going to flip flop again.

Bookmakers update:

Flip flop to 0% 2/1
Stick with existing Lib Dem policy of 3.4% 33/1
Support 2.95% 100/1

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