Fenland – Investments

I listened recently to the Lib Dem Leader of the opposition claim we were not investing in Fenland. I am normally a little dismissive of the Lib Dems because they lack substance and flop around in the wind to gain votes. In this case I was irritated.

Irritated because the Cambridge centric Lib Dems rarely venture far from Cambridge ( I was surprised they knew where Wisbech is). Irritated because they are just wrong (sloppy research or can’t be bothered to find out the facts). Irritated because they seek to make political capital out of one of our deprived areas of the county. Irritated because talking down an area is distructive and counter productive. Irritated because ….. well you get my point.

THe facts are as follows:

This budget is good news for Wisbech, Fenland and the whole of Cambridgeshire.

These examples illustrate a mix of existing and newly announced initiatives the County Council is leading on:

• Super fast Broadband – roll out across the whole of Cambridgeshire with focus on ‘notspots’ which Fenland has many of
• Money to complete flood defence works in Wisbech and install drainage systems in the deprived North Ward of Wisbech, all from the extra investment of £90m in road maintenance
• Multi-million pound investment in the regeneration of Wisbech port area including the Boathouse, public realm and access from the town centre to the Boathouse
• State of the art school buildings at Thomas Clarkson Community College in Wisbech costing £33.5m opened three weeks ago – these represent the biggest investment (through Building Schools for the Future) in a school in Cambridgeshire in a long, long time. The County Council attracted funding, procured delivery partners and managed the programme
• Multi million pound investment in the new CoWA Engineering and Technology site at Wisbech, bringing both immediate capital investment, saving the future of the College and better long term employment prospects for local youngsters.
• The new County Council Building on the CoWA site, amounting to a further £6m capital investment in the town whilst at the same time demonstrating the Councils commitment to ensuring there is a strong and vibrant Council presence in Wisbech in the long term future
• The Adventure Playground in Wisbech. A million pound investment in the most deprived ward in the Cambridgeshire, using Government money to target those most needing it
• Strategic approach to the problems facing Fenland…the appointment of a Director to lead on this and with a renewed focus on Wisbech. • Committed to providing a new purpose-built Pupil Referral Unit in Wisbech – offering better educational, practical and vocational support for 14-16 year olds who are unable to attend secondary school

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