John Elworthy – a sprat to catch a whale – or was it cod and chips

Whilst in March I took the opportunity to meet with John Elworthy. Whilst we might chase each other around sometimes we have one thing in common and that is improving things for the people of Cambridgeshire.

I intended to pop into his office but ran out of time. Instead I invited John to have a fish and chip lunch with me in, to my knowledge, one of the best fish and chip shops anywhere in the county, Stotts. If you get a chance try it, fabulous.

We discussed a number of topical items but in particular the next Cabinet meeting which is going to be held in Wisbech. It was a similar meeting with John that spawned the idea so it seemed sensible to hear his views and to try and filter, distil and ideally bottle some of his boundless ideas and enthusiasm. Suffice to say we both have a passion for our deprived areas and a desire to make things better.

The day is developing well. It will start with a breakfast meeting, sponsored by Argent Newspapers, with local business leaders and my cabinet. This will be followed by a normal Cabinet, held in the Boathouse. Next up is a hour with Cabinet meeting local civic leaders and then it’s off to relevant organisations around Wisbech to better understand the issues that face the community of Wisbech.

I want to fully involve the local members. The plan is still being brought together but it feels exciting and promises to improve understanding and focus attention on one of our most deprived areas.

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