Super fast broadband supplier day

My impatience for super fast broadband for Cambridgeshire is well known. Yesterday, I was pleased to chair a supplier event at which we were able to explain the opportunity to a significant number of possible suppliers.

Given that we expect a considerable financial contribution, from any supplier, alongside the public sector investment, this was about exciting potential suppliers about the fantastic opportunity this is.

We had a range of speakers from acedemia, business as well as local authorities and the LEP.

I think we were able to get our passion, for economic growth and our determination to make Cambridgeshire the top county in the land, across.

A well organised event, well attended and lots of post event chats between potential suppliers. Always a good sign of interest.

I now want that enthusiasm to be turned into the fastest, most reliable, repeatable and scalable broadband possible so we can compete even further on the world stage. How very exciting.

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