Cabinet to be held in Wisbech

Tomorrow we are holding our full Cabinet meeting in Wisbech for what we believe is for the first time ever. This will be held in the Boathouse, a fine venue for business.

Since becoming Leader I have been promoting the need to transform our most deprived areas.Tomorrow is more than just symbolism. I want my Cabinet to really understand the issues facing this town.

We are starting with a business breakfast at 0830, hosted by Archant Newspapers, where we will get a chance to talk informally with leaders of business and district councillors.

This will be followed by formal Cabinet. Next up will be an informal Q & A session with the public and then on to the Oasis Center for lunch and a meet with civic Leaders.

The afternoon will be spent with Cabinet members visiting various sites and organisations around Wisbech.

Excitment is high amongst politicians and officers alike. Wisbech is on everyones lips.

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