Full Council

Full Council promised to be a quiet affair. The agenda did not seem as packed as usual. However, with five motions listed anything could happen. In fact, a huge amount of time was spent debating the motions.

Some great pre-council collaboration work with Labour resulted in agreement on a motion on drought being passed. This was a great example of a mature approach to minority politics in the best interests of the people of Cambridgeshire. No grandstanding, sensible approach and collaboration with my ruling group. Everyones a winner.

Compare that with the Lib Dem approach. They rarely seek to get a motion passed to achieve anything other than some headline in a paper. My group is tired of this approach as trying to identify something sensible amongst the nonsense is just too difficult.

The constant attempt to claim credit for others actions is starting to make them lose any credibility. They attempted to claim Labour ideas were theirs and the biggest deceit of all was the Lib Dem claim that they have delivered the Cambridge Science Park Station. This long awaited station is to be delivered exclusively because my Cabinet wanted to borrow the money to do it. Add to that the Conservative minister who has agreed to put it in the rail franchise agreement it is clear the Lib Dems had NO impact or influence in this deal.

We discussed two motions on cycling, one of which took us forward in our thinking and the second attempted to do what was already happening ( no prizes for guessing whose motion it was). Still on a happy note we were pleased to announce that I had appointed a cycling czar to give some strategic thinking to the issue of cycling across the county. Martin Curtis currently looks after the Olympics which for obvious reason come to an end shortly. Top man for the job.

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