Lib Dems – not making false claims again surely !!!!

What is it about the local Lib Dems that means they seem to want to falsely claim credit. I know it must be hard in opposition but this sort of falsehoods don’t fool anyone.

This is the sort of thing that children do and makes the Lib Dems look foolish and untrustworthy. Deceit in any politician is very bad so when a party seems to think this is a good electioneering stance no wonder the public lose faith.

Only last month the Lib Dems claimed to have delivered the new Cambridge station. This was an outrageous claim that even some of the Lib Dems felt uncomforable about. And then they do it again.

The recent scam is for the Lib Dems to claim “Lib Dems win £90m for roads and pavements”. This is complete fabrication. Worse the leaflet then goes on to claim that Labour don’t back  the plan.

So what is the reality? The County Council, led by my Conservative Cabinet, took the decision to invest additional sums in our roads. Why? Well, as a back bencher I spent time on the management team looking after the highways contract. I was concerned that the roads might deteriorate under the rate of funding and I know that we all value our road network. I asked for some modeling to be undertaken which confirmed additional capital spending was required. So when I became leader I was able to convince colleagues that this would be a sensible insertion into our budget for this year.

So the Lib Dems had NO influence, NO decision making and were not consulted.

I have a difference of opinion with Labour on many things but it is increasingly difficult to trust the Lib Dems on anything.

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  1. This is brilliant! Just like the Lib Dems in my area. They claimed a ‘victory’ for something locally that the Labour party won!

    Great article. I hope to keep reading your blog.


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