New Member to Join County Council Cabinet

Today I was informed by Steve Criswell, Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, that he had to step down to concentrate on his business and family commitments.

I fully understand Steve’s decision in these economic times to concentrate on his business and provide support for his wife who has not been well. Steve has helped shape the new direction of this council, including spearheading the £90m investment that we will be making in Highways. A legacy he should be very proud of.

Tony Orgee will move from his current Health and Well Being cabinet role to Community Infrastructure. Tony will continue this good work and deliver these much needed schemes.

I welcome Steve Tierney to the Cabinet who takes over Health and Well Being. He is a very capable Overview and Scrutiny Chairman as well as a hardworking local councillor. I have been very impressed by his drive and commitment to improve the quality of life for Cambridgeshire residents.

These changes are effective from 8pm today.

Promotion from Vice Chairman to Chairman of the Safer and Stronger Scrutiny committee goes to Richard West with a new deputy Sam Hoy. These appointments will be approved at our next full council meeting.

Congratulations to them all.

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