A14 – Lib Dems not claiming credit again surely!!!

Some weeks ago the County Council was told that £20m was to be made available to carry out some minor work on the A14 to buy some time until the road is widened. This money came about as a result of a number of us on the A14 steering group pressing for some action after the disappointment of the last scheme folding. Julian Huppert is not part of this group.

This week we saw the Lib Dem MP for Cambridge telling us all that he had requested a meeting with Roads Minister Mike Penning to discuss the A14. As I know he does not want the A14 widening I became suspicious what he was up to.

I contacted the Counties other MP’s to see what was going on. One MP said:

“Please be in no doubt as to the pressue that the county MP’s, other than JH, have put on Mike Penning since he became the Minister responsible for this issue and we continue to exert that pressure on a regular basis, both collectively and individually. I would add that when opportunity has allowed, we have gone further and raised the issue with the PM too.”

Another MP said:

“Firstly, it was Mike Penning who called the meeting yesterday. JH asked for his own meeting without other area MPs present – so it is amusing to see him spinning this as demanding a meeting.

Secondly, I attended the meeting and I can assure you that Mike Penning is in no doubt as to the need to push ahead with a major scheme and that this is supported by all county MPs other than JH.

Mike Penning was impressed by the leadership being shown by Cambs County Council.”

Most of you will not care who is doing what or where as long as we get the A14 fit for purpose which means more lanes. But ………… It is important that it is understood that the Lib Dem MP for Cambridge does not want that to happen. And it is important that it is understood that the local Lib Dem attribute of making false claims extends to the MP as well.

For completeness here is the extract from the CEN where Huppert makes his claims that he asked for the meeting with the Minister:

“Mr Huppert requested the formal meeting as the Government investigates proposals for improving the road following the decision last autumn to invest £20 million in safety improvements.”

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