Olympic Torch – Park and Ride staying open late

With around 25,000 people expected to welcome the Olympic Torch onto Parkers Piece on Saturday 7 July, the city’s award winning Park & Ride Service is going to be running late into the night to help get people home.

To reduce the potential for congestion in the city centre, extra services will be running to the Trumpington and Milton Park & Ride sites from 8pm onwards.

These are: • Trumpington: 20:06, 20:16, 20:26, 20:36, 20:56, 21:16, 21:36, 21:56 22:16 22:36, 22:56 and 23:16 • Milton: 20:01,20:11, 20:21, 20:31, 20:41, 20:51, 21:11, 21:31, 21:51, 22:11, 22:31, 22:51 and 23:11.

The Trumpington service leaves from Downing Street and the Milton service leaves from the D2 stop on Drummer Street. These additional services will help people to leave their cars outside the city to avoid rolling road closures which will be in place along the Olympic Torch Relay route as well as the closure of Mill Road to traffic from East Road to Coleridge Road from mid afternoon to approximately 8pm.

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