301 % rise in charges to the public – it can’t be true I hear you say

It has been brought to my attention that a body dedicated to the service of the community has raised its charges by a whopping 301%. Yes, 301%.

Worse, there was little, if any, public consultation and no impact statement that I am aware of.

Members of the public are demanding to know why this has happened and who is responsible. There is the prospect of mass protests at the next board meeting. At a time when pay is frozen and everyone is struggling to make ends meet this HUGE rise is a massive blow to the people of Cambridge.

And now for some balance. The rise is from £1.99 to £5.99 a month for the App to download the Cambridge News. This is great value for a great read. In percentage terms the rise seems huge but in reality its pence per day.

If we want the service we must pay for it if it is to be sustainable and meet the needs of the people.

Raising fears in people by the mischievous use of percentages does little to help the public good but does erode confidence.

Ho hum.

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