Louise pushes senior councillor to tackle Troubled Families

Today I’ve been in London at the County Council Network (CCN) AGM. Mark Lloyd was also there because of his role as Chair of the Association of County Chief Executives. Cllr Martin Curtis was also there and in fine form asking questions.

I focussed my questions on ensuring ministers understood the difference between county councils and other types of authorities.

This is important as we are much bigger yet there are many less counties than districts so our voice is not always heard.

This lack of voice can lead to the wrong distribution of money.

The trip was even more worthwhile because I also got to hear the awesome Louise Casey put fire in the bellies of us senior councillors about the Troubled Families initiative. She really is a class act and stressed the fact that the initiative will only work if senior councillors push hard to make sure we really are challenging the most difficult families in our areas to change.

It was commented on by Louise that Cambridgeshire is leading the way and that we are clearly demonstrating effective leadership. Nice to hear.

I’m pleased to say that Louise is visiting Cambridgeshire in November when more colleagues will get to hear her at first hand.

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