Listening council agrees to delay road repairs – putting business first

Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed to move repairs to Huntingdon Ring Road back to the new year after representations from local leaders.

Local traders and residents were worried that the repairs set for overnight on Saturday and Sunday on November 17-18, would be disruptive to shopping in the town in the run up to Christmas and requested they be delayed.

The road repairs were planned after we received complaints from the public about the condition of the road surface.

Although the road closure would have affected only a short stretch of the ring road and was outside of traditional shopping hours, we were happy to listen to the representations on behalf of the local traders and community.

There is much going on and to see in Huntingdon and we have agreed it would appropriate to move the work back until the new year. We must help our hard pressed town centres when ever we can.

The ring road from Ermine Street to Hertford Road was set to be repaired under a road closure between 6.00 pm-1.00 am. It was hoped to complete the work over the two nights, but if problems delayed the work it would have been completed the following weekend.

The work will now be rescheduled to fit in with other repairs schemes around Cambridgeshire which have already been timetabled.

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