So what has the voting for the PCC told us?

It would seem that despite a relatively low turnout patterns can be seen. Cambridgeshire is still fundamentally pro economic growth, pro business, pro liberty, pro jobs, pro success, pro aspiration and pro hard line on crime all represented by a Conservative election success in the PCC elections.

Why is all that true? Well most people still vote on party lines because they trust the brands and it meets most people’s personal hopes and ambitions.

So we can see most people want a Conservative leadership. I can’t imagine many being surprised by this but what is interesting is that it would seem that the day of the Lib Dems is probably over.

They are being challenged by Labour on all fronts. They lack distinctive policies except for those that are seen as fluffy but no longer affordable. So they can only promise to save the planet but have no way of doing so.

I guess we will see those Lib Dems who wish to carry on might migrate to the independents or Labour but many might just melt away. I guess we will see an increasing Labour opposition as the Lib Dems disappear.

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