Superfast broadband for our rural communities is coming

The subject of broadband is confusing. In Cambridgeshire there are three things going on.

Firstly, commercial suppliers continue to upgrade exchanges to provide Superfast broadband at no cost to the public purse because it makes commercial sense to them. These are typically higher density populations.

Secondly, the county council is investing in what are called white areas. These are areas of our county that are unlikely to ever be upgraded because it is not economic to do this for commercial suppliers. The addition of up to £20m across all the white areas in the county will make these areas viable for upgrading.

Thirdly, Cambridge has won a government grant for additional money to upgrade to Superfast broadband across the city. This is separate to the county council project but will mean the county council money can be used for the rest of the county.

Hopefully, within two years Superfast broadband will be across the county, from which ever source.

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