Cabinet – Lib Dems demanding brand new county hall

When I chair Cabinet I often hear comments from opposition members, some are interesting, some valid but mostly its about point scoring if the press are there.

Today I was astonished to hear Lib Dem Leader Killian Bourke demand a brand new county council headquarters building. Building a shiny new HQ is not my priority when we are struggling to repair roads, fund adult social care and look after young people.

Has he even considered the implications for our hard pressed staff? Does he understand the cost of the distruption?

When he was pressed for detail on his assurtions he was not able to provide any. Council Bourke argument lacked any details yet he managed to infer that our officers were not managing our county estate effectively. On what basis would he say these things?

Worse, he was proposing turning it into a budget hotel.

Not a very impressive performance. I hear a leadership challenge is not far away for him. He may be saved by losing his seat in May.

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