A big thank you to all our staff who worked over Christmas

Hundreds of people employed by the Council and its partner agencies postponed their festive season to ensure people in the community enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Around the county, staff ensured people were kept safe and well in their own homes, looked after the young and old in residential units and worked to make the roads safe for any drivers who ventured out.

Every day home care staff worked on behalf of the county council providing thousands of hours of care to people in their own homes – some people received up to three visits a day, every day – and that continued throughout the festive season.

In addition staff cared for hundreds of older people and those with disabilities or who could not live with their family for variety of reasons, in residential and foster homes around Cambridgeshire.

Members of the County Council’s Emergency Duty Team were on call outside office hours and at weekends to help any individual or family in crisis or in need of Social Services assistance. Our Emergency Planning Team were ready to respond should an incident occur like the recent flooding.

To protect drivers and passengers, thousands of tons of grit and salt had been stockpiled and drivers were on call around the clock ready to abandon the turkey and tinsel to grit hundreds of miles of road if temperatures plunged or snow fell.

A big thank you from me to everyone who helped residents have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

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