Business opportunity for Wisbech – spread the word

As part of the Wisbech 2020 work we have teamed up with NIAB and the Cambridge & Counties Bank to put on a free business advice session in Wisbech for local SMEs.

The session is next Monday, at the Boathouse in Wisbech, and we would be really grateful if everyone could help us by giving a final push on promotion this week.

Here is a link to the flyer for the event;

The reason for teaming up with NIAB is that Wisbech 2020 has identified that the emerging crop-science and agri-tech clusters are a real economic opportunity for Wisbech, which is ideally located between two global centres of research – Cambridge and Norwich.

The session next week with NIAB is the first element in a plan to develop links between Wisbech and key stakeholders / businesses.

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