Conservative financial competence.

Locally, only the Conservatives have a good reputation for competent financial management.

We are business focused, intolerant of bureaucracy, impatient with unnecessary delays and brave enough to do the right things for the people of Cambridgeshire. The list of financially sound initiatives, under my leadership, is huge, Superfast broadband, Ely bypass, a new rail station for Cambridge, A14 widening and the Cambridge & Counties bank to mention but a few.

The Lib Dems in Cambridge City are making mess up after mess up of their finances. The Lib Dems at the county are frankly clueless with one or two exceptions.

Labour would continue to spend, spend, spend on projects that bring no benefit to the people of Cambridgeshire like the multi million pound unused fire control center at Waterbeach.

UKIP with their single issue view of life lack any experience in financial management.

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