What does the County Council do? Children and Young People’s Services

The County Council provides many different services. In a typical year we…

• support over 8,500 young children aged 0-5 by providing health services, early education, family support, childcare and other family activities through our network of 40 children’s centres based across the county

• work with more than 240 schools to ensure over 77,000 children get the high quality education to which they are entitled

• provide more than 3,000 statements of special educational need and support all children who have some level of special educational needs

• provide more than 1,000 disabled children and young people with short breaks, including more than 65,000 hours of individual support and around 4,300 overnight stays

• safeguard children at risk of harm and support vulnerable families to improve their situation through the efforts of multi agency locality teams, children’s centres and social work teams

• look after children in care, finding them adoptive parents and supporting 450-500 children at any one time in foster and residential care


  1. When I have time Nick, I will write up our experience of adopting twice through Cambridgeshire County Council- a bureaucratic nightmare to say the least


    • Hi Nic,

      I have looked into this and you should be being contacted to follow up on your concerns.




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