Pothole repairs

Ten road patching and pothole repair teams are now working across Cambridgeshire to fix winter damage to the county’s roads.

The county council has identified an extra £90 million of funding for highway maintenance and infrastructure improvements in the county over the next five years and the teams will concentrate their efforts on fixing the areas of minor damage patching and filling potholes.

Since the beginning of January, nearly 1,500 potholes have been reported to the County Council and the crews have already dealt with more than 1,200 areas of damage, some of which had multiple potholes, on a temporary or permanent basis and they will continue to concentrate on this patching and filling throughout the winter period.

More extensive areas of repair work or road resurfacing projects will be carried out by other teams working for the County Council across Cambridgeshire.

Our Council has committed substantial extra financial resources to highway maintenance including pothole repairs. By creating 10 repair teams dedicated full-time to fixing potholes and minor damage to the roads we hope to carry out any emergency or routine repairs as quickly as possible.

I would urge the public to report any damage to the road surface as quickly as possible – we can only fix problem areas if we know about them – people can report a problem via our telephone contact centre on 0345 045 5212 or preferably online at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/transport/roads/reportingafault.htm which allows them to follow the progress of repairs to the damage they have reported.

The online Highways Fault Reporting System has been upgraded to provide:
Easier data entry for the public
Improved tracking so people reporting on-line can follow the progress of a repair
The ability to enter a second fault without the need to re-enter personal/contact details
Better system capacity to ensure fault reports do not fail
Better on-line access to advice and information from the County Council’s Contact Centre

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