Lib Dems – unbelievable but consistent spin

Today at Cabinet Kilian Bourke, Lib Dem Leader of the opposition had every opportunity to speak on what ever subject that he wanted but chose not to. At no time did he ask to speak on any subject nor did he ask to speak on behalf of anyone else in his group.

For good management of the committee meeting it is helpful to be notified in advance of the desire to speak but I have waived that on many occasions in order to have a full contribution.

Kilian Bourke’s only contribution was to shout out like a rowdy school boy. So I wonder what he has told his fellow Lib Dems? As you can see from the tweet from Colin Rosensteil Lib Dem Cambridge Councillor, who was not at Cabinet, he appears to have told Colin something else.

Colin Rosenstiel (@CRRosenstiel)
05/03/2013 21:37
@CllrNickClarke You refused to allow @kilian_bourke to read out a letter from @swhitebread who couldn’t be there, you mean bugger!

All the notes we received, including the one from Cllr Whitebread and from my own group members were read by cabinet members but not read out. I encourage members to attend Cabinet and speak in person so that they can be questioned on what they have said for greater transparency.

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