Cambridge City Conservatives Association – AGM

Last night I was the guest speaker at the CCCA annual general meeting. It was great to see so many members attending.

They are a passionate and energetic group who have a strong belief in the Conservative values of honesty, individual responsibility, success and fairness. Hope and the expectation that everyone can aspire to be who they want to be is in the DNA. Reducing red tape, supporting start up businesses, improving the business environment are all essential if we are to continue having a successful Cambridge.

I was able to remind them that Cambridge should and can be again a Conservative seat. After 25 years of Conservative representation, the Labour Party held the seat for 13 years until 2005, since which time the seat has been served by (in succession) two Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives came second at the last general election, with an increased vote.

We have seen the muddle the Lib Dems are in as a party and how they consistently fail to be honest with the electorate. Often attracting the protest vote they have floated on a bed of fluff and ideals that they have failed to live up to when in power.

We can all remember the wet blanket of socialism that seeks to be fair to everyone and is not fair to anyone. Exporting the value generated in Cambridge to prop up inefficient socialist run areas of the country, whilst starving Cambridge of the infrastructure it so rightly needs is no way to build on success.

Cambridge is at the cutting edge of business. It is a world leader in so many areas. It now needs a Conservative MP to help drive through the innovation and business success that Cambridge is so famous for.

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