Conservation room – launch

Just after becoming Leader I had a series of induction meeting with different depts and staff. One of the visits was to the Conservation team who I discovered were in the basement of Shire Hall. They are skilled at repairing and conserving old manuscripts, books and records. Much of their work is revenue generating.

I was not happy we had staff working there. The subterranean corridors and rooms are ok for storage but look dingy and uninviting. I asked for alternative space to be found for the hardworking and uncomplaining conservation team. It seems they have been down there for 30 years despite trying to move many times before.

Today it was my pleasure to speak at the launch of the new conservation room, now on the ground floor. This makes it much more accessible to the numerous volunteers who help out and it’s a much better working environment. There are now plans to give taster talks on the subject at lunchtimes.

Very satisfying to have made a difference.

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