A good parish council meeting tonight. Before it started their was a presentation, on behalf of developers, for 50 houses to be built on green belt land with what looked like pretty unimpressive highways solutions.

Over 50 people packed the room. Many spoke out against the proposal and I did not hear anyone in support of it. As a local member and as someone who does not sit on any planning committee I also have a view.

Whilst I have an open mind this sort of development, crammed into villages that don’t want it and with infrastructure not built to support it is not welcome. That is exactly why new large building sites like Alconbury and Northstowe have been planned.

People live in villages because they are villages not sprawling conurbations. One to keep me busy I guess.

The parish council meeting gave me the opportunity to let the village know that new speed limits for the entrances to the village, have been approved and should be in force by the 3rd April.

I was also able to announce that the long awaited road resurfacing in Haggis Gap was to take place in the next few months. This has taken my personal involvement to get sorted in a decent timescale.

Good local councillor activities which helps to give me balance for when I am dealing with the big strategic stuff.

I was also able to brief everyone on superfast broadband, the City Deal and the A14.

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