Street works

Street works is all about digging up pavements and roads and how it is managed and repaired. This issue is clearly dear to all our hearts as so often a perfect road finish is turned into a patchwork quilt.

Along with Cllr Peter Box I met with most of the utility companies yesterday. Also present was the chair of the transport select committee and the DfT minister Norman Baker.

The aim was to get agreement on improving matters. It is a complex issue and what ever happens costs money.

People want utilities working, they want new utilities and of course utility companies want to provide them. But……..people don’t want the distruption when these services are installed. Nor do they want charges to be even higher than necessary.

I think it is key to identify what success looks like from suppliers, local authorities and more importantly the general public.

There was a very positive mood in the room and energy to all improve the outcomes.

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