Meeting Vince Cable today – twice

It was interesting to attend a breakfast meeting at TWI on the Granta Park. TWI is a great outfit helping to push the boundaries of joining materials. It used to be called The Welding Institute but does much more than just welding.

Vince cable was the guest speaker and made some encouraging noises about Cambridge, which I welcome. There was a good cross section of business attending, including business organisations.

I went to see Vince recently to discuss the Cambridge City deal and he was very supportive.

At lunch time it was my pleasure to be invited, by Mills & Reeve, to their new home in Botanic House over looking the Botanic gardens. It has lots of floor to ceiling glass giving a fantastic view of Cambridge.

For the second time today, Vince was the guest speaker. He does have a calm and thoughtful air about him in contrast to some MPs who seem to want to bob up and down like a small child.

It was great to speak to so many business leaders and hear the support for what we are doing at the county council. It seems to be appreciated that we are helping to create the right environment for business to grow.

There only seemed to be one person in the room not happy to see me!


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