A14 motion to full council

Next week it is full council. We recognise that sorting out the A14 is of immense importance to the people of Cambridgeshire.

We felt sure that all councillors would support the upgrade but I am hearing worrying signs that the Lib Dems in South Cambs are against the plans. Given the deaths, injury and immense frustration this road inflicts on the people of Cambridgeshire I was astonished to hear that Sebastion Kindersley, leader of the Lib Dem group at SCDC was against helping to fund it.

We must be clear about our stance on the A14 and people must know who they need to lobby to get the road upgraded.

We are bringing a motion before full council which will give the county Lib Dems a chance to prove their SCDC Lib Dems wrong. Anything less than full support for this motion will be seen as against the A14 upgrade and the people can chose in may how they vote in the county elections.

The motion reads:

The A14 presents a major barrier to growth, regularly suffers congestion and has a poor safety record. At the high level summit, convened by the County Council and held on the 7th February 2013, there was strong support from across the area for improving the A14 between Cambridge and the A1. There was also widespread acceptance and support for a local contribution to ensure the scheme is delivered as quickly as possible.

The improvements that are proposed will protect local communities by reducing rat running through villages, and by having a local non tolled road will allow our people to go about their daily lives without incurring a charge. By increasing capacity and through the proposed tolling strategy, the scheme should also see reduced amounts of traffic travelling through and within Cambridge.

The Council supports:

– the continuing commitment by government to improving the A14, which would include local contributions, central government funding and tolling; and

– the importance of the A14 for the local, regional and national economies; including facilitating the development of Northstowe.

Further, this Council supports:

– the proposed improvements to the A14 including extra capacity on the Cambridge northern bypass and between Girton and Trinity Foot and the proposed Huntingdon Southern Bypass;

– the earliest possible delivery of the scheme in the interests of the local area; and

– action to address the difficulties that the A14 currently poses to local people and businesses.

The Council therefore urges government to deliver the scheme at the earliest possible date in the interests of the local area.

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