Labour manifesto for the County Elections – where is it?

I see Labour launched the Labour manifesto on May 2nd according to the Cambridge Evening News.

Apart from a few comments in the paper I can’t actually find the manifesto.

Can anyone point me in its direction? It can’t be another launch ……… Of nothing like the Lib Dems surely.

The comments I have read are as you would expect from Labour. Pay everyone more, don’t make any cuts and give new services away for free.

No mention of where the money is coming from to fund any of this. No mention of the fact that it was Labour that trashed the economy. It was Gordon Brown who claimed he had solved boom and bust which convinced everyone that only good times lay ahead so everyone can borrow, borrow, borrow. It’s now pay back time.

When will Labour learn? Money trees don’t grow in Cambridgeshire.

Frankly, this is weak and I expected more.

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