Labour manifesto out – still no sign of the Lib Dem one despite it being ” launched”

Glad to see Labour have published a manifesto. Locally, Labour are currently honourable, hardworking and know how to operate as a minority party. Coming to see me on important issues has always been productive.

It seems that if certain Labour candidates get elected that is all set to change. They will move from a sensible team of three trying to negotiate and discuss issues into something else altogether. From being focussed on the people they represent it is possible they will turn into a Political campaigning party.

I am aware that if certain Labour candidates get elected, history shows that officers are likely to be bogged down with minutia, feeding self serving individuals. Lets hope not.

The Labour manifesto is as expected and contains most of our current priorities, protecting the vulnerable, continuing to protect children and stimulating the economy. There is much about spending more money, without any idea where it will come from.

They do seem to be fixated about what they believe to be unfair. It looks as if working to a reduced budget is classed as unfair despite us having little control over that. They have included national issues, administered by the district councils, such as the changes to benefits.

Still, a fair stab at it. Shame no explanation how it will be funded but that is Labour all over, spend, spend, spend.

Oh and before anyone says our manifesto is not costed, it is. It is called the County Council business plan and can be found on the Councils website.

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