Lib Dems success. Getting news out first. I wonder why?

I have to give the Lib Dems credit. The spy network within government is outstanding. I’m never sure if they have window cleaners listening at windows or cleaners hovering around busy desks or perhaps its simpler than that.

Perhaps Lib Dem ministers tell Lib Dem MPs information before County Councils the results of County Council activity, even if it has nothing to do with the Lib Dem MP. Surely not.

I’m not going to list the number of times this has happened recently but I do detect a common denominator, our very own Lib Dem Julian Huppert. The same Julian Huppert who refuses to support the A14 scheme proposed by his own government and his own leader. He does not see how Cambridge will benefit from the upgrade. A ridiculous position to take.

So what bandwagon has he jumped on now? My officers, together with local cycling organisations have put together a successful bid to the DfT for a significant amount of money. Barely has the news reached us before Julian has bobbed up on the radio full of beans about it despite it having nothing to do with him.

I feel sorry for all my officers who have worked hard for this only to see credit being pinched by a self serving MP clinging to his seat.

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