Losing weight – more elections please

A few weeks ago I bought a gizmo that monitors how far I walk, how many steps I take and how many calories I have burnt. It synchs up with my iphone and Mac where I log what food I eat. Simple really, eat more calories than I burn, misery – burn more calories than I eat eventual happiness. It is great for modifying behaviour or in shorthand it stops me eating cakes unless I go for a run first.

This is all in the interest of me losing some weight and getting fit for the cricket season. However, it has been interesting to see how far I am walking when out electioneering. Last week on one day I walked 10 miles!! Two other days I managed over 6 miles each day. I am so pleased I have a sizable number of supporters who help or my shoes would be worn out.

I guess in a city the houses are much closer together.

On the upside I have lost 3 kg in March. On the downside my feet are aching.

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