Canvassing and emails

Great response on the door step. People have really appreciated the “get on with it” attitude to running the county council. I have had lots of emails in asking questions, offering support and sometimes disagreeing. All very helpful and a great opportunity to make the arguments one to one.

Face to face I am getting lots of personal support which is very heartening. Thank you to everyone that has made contact.

Politicians get used to listening to themselves too much. They probably even convince themselves that endless debates, over simple issues, is somehow a good thing.

We need to remind ourselves we are spending the public purse for the people we serve not for our own self promotion. Posturing to the media by opposition members, who have little effect on any discussions made, is not only a waste of time but sometimes costs money – not good.

It is action that most folk are interested in. We have seen how few real decisions, of any significance, that the Lib Dems make in Cambridge. Look at the fiasco of where a toilet was to be positioned in the Grand Arcade. That seemed to go on for ever.

Look at the inability of the Lib Dems to support the A14 upgrade. They seem to have been able to convince themselves that the upgrade would not help the people they serve. Incredible.

Imaging the chaos in social services if that sort of decision making was allowed to go on?

Remember our three priorities:

Develop the local economy for the benefit of all
Help people live healthy and independent lives
Support and protect vulnerable people.

Get the first priority right and it pays for the next two.

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