Lib Dem candidate celebrates A14 might not go ahead because Lib Dem City council wont support it. – Madness

On twitter at 4:30pm on the 29th April, Lib Dem Belinda Brooks-Gordon states:

“I am totally delighted that the A14 massive expansion may not go ahead. SUCCESS ACTION”

This comment is so daft from so many different perspectives I don’t know where to start.

How can a responsible politician in any way be pleased about the numbers of individuals being killed, the huge numbers of people injured and the many millions of pounds this overcrowded road is costing the people of Cambridgeshire and beyond?

From a commonsense perspective it is mad. From a compassionate perspective it is cruel. From a business perspective is is extremely damaging.

It seems that only a Lib Dem perspective can justify such a ridiculous statement. How anyone could vote for an individual with these views is beyond me. Amazingly, Cambridge City Lib Dems also think like this and have refused to support the current initiative to get this road upgraded.

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