Lib Dem meltdown in Cambridgeshire?

It has been interesting to watch the campaigning across Cambridgeshire. A few years ago the Lib Dems seemed to enjoy increasing popular support. It is likely that this was as a result of a backlash against Labour over the Iraq war rather than any positive policies put forward by the Lib Dems.

During this Lib Dem high point each election was seen as a chance to increase the number of seats won.

Today things feel very different. The teams of Lib Dem supporters criss crossing the county seats have not happened this time. In fact it looks as if outside of Cambridge Lib Dem candidates are operating very much as individuals with little or no support from anyone else.

Now, this could be because the Lib Dems have run out of supporters, all increasingly fed up with the spin and untruths of the party. Or a decision to pull back from the county seats to focus on Cambridge is the order of the day. With Cambridge elections next year, with the very real possibility of the Lib Dems losing control of the city, it feels like they are fighting a rear guard action.

This will be particularly important in 2015 when the Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert is up for re-election. I think he is likely to lose his seat given he seems to be backing an increasingly ideology based set of policies.

Julian Huppert does not support the upgrade of the A14. He does not want the police to have the tools they need to police our county. He seems to support legalising drug use. His party is very pro Europe and seeks further handing over of powers to them. This all feels like Julian is out of touch with real people and increasingly sounding like a shrill ideology based theorist.

Phil Rogers has carried out some excellent analysis here. If he is right the Lib Dems could be wiped out.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the link. As I say in the article, a Lib Dem wipeout is only one of a range of possible outcomes – I think they are still in with a chance in up to eight of the 14 seats in Cambridge.


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