Insitute of Directors dinner

Last night I attended the IoD dinner at Queens College, Cambridge. The hall was magnificent, the food outstanding and the company stimulating.

I was attending as a guest of James Goodchild CEO of Westbury Private Clients They specialise in investments but have a neat pricing structure that means clients are not charged dealing fees when equities are bought and sold. Great idea as this prevents churn for the sake of it.

I had a lovely time chatting to Mathew Shuter, who is involved with Westbury and used to be in my cabinet ( he still is, I’m not ) and Taus Nohrlind the Chairman. Many thanks.

It was also a good opportunity to catch up with Jenny Chapman, the top business reporter at the Cambridge News. Jenny really does have the best interest of the business community at heart and has an unrivalled understanding of it. Long may she continue.

Chris Parkhouse presided eloquently, ensuring everyone had a great time. The influence of the IoD should not be under estimated.

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