Olly Garner – top grandson

We have been having a brilliant weekend looking after little Olly, a dashing energetic nearly three year old. With mum and dad away the grand parents are in charge, hurray.

It’s been great fun doing so many things that I had forgotten about and looking through the eyes of a little one. We all went off to Wicksteed Park yesterday enjoying the fine weather. So many rides to go on including my favourite racing cars. Sat in a plastic cup and saucer going round and round seems so much more sensible when you have a two year old with you.

Since picking him up from play school on Friday we have all chatted endlessly. A minor translation course is always required for example a punge is a sponge and a poon is a spoon.

Today is all about messing about in the garden. Planting winter flowering Pansy’s and raking the grass. Lovely times that won’t be forgotten.

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