Internet scam – when is it a fraud?

I think I have been caught, for the first time, in an internet purchase fraud. Interestingly, it’s status is not yet clear. I think I am at the dispute resolution stage!!

Having run IT companies I consider myself IT literate and confident when buying over the internet.

Just over a week ago I found a piece of exercise equipment I wanted on Gumtree. It was in North London so I decided to rely on the advert and subsequent emails rather than travelling. In hindsight that was probably a mistake but I felt safe in the knowledge that I was paying with Paypal.

I agreed with the seller that he would arrange delivery. I paid with Paypal and guess what. No delivery and no responses to my emails.

Turning to Paypal they have a very efficient system in place to manage these situations. It is called dispute resolution. I was looking for the button that deals with thieving swines but had to make do with this. I have no doubts that the equipment will not arrive and I am also safe in the knowledge that my money has gone.

I am also confident that Paypal will make good my loss.

The question is, if the seller intended (guilty mind) to take my money and not send me my goods isn’t that fraud or something similar? If so should I call the Police? What is stopping me doing that?

Well, it is still only a dispute, it seems. I’m unlikely to be the person who is harmed which I guess means that it will all be down to
PayPal if they want to follow this up.

Hmmmmm. I shall be looking into all this a but more I suspect.

Top tips. Always go and have a look at the kit, however difficult that might be and always use Paypal to pay.

Stay safe.

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  1. Nasty. I think PP will usually freeze their account and the money they have received will be withdrawn, unless they go on to give bogus ‘proof’ that you have received the goods in which case it might not be so straightforward. Good luck.


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