Carpark charges in Cambridge – too high?

I really enjoyed shopping in Cambridge on Saturday. For a change I parked in the Grafton center. It was good to explore shops I hadn’t been to for ages and then enjoy the walk to main town.

Trouble was that all took just over four hours and cost me £17 in car parking charges !!!!!!!!! Not much less than a day return to London on a Saturday.

Now, what have I learnt? When I go to Cambridge my shopping experience will be dominated by car parking charges. For normal shopping I will continue go to Huntingdon as it’s very much cheaper to park. If something special is required its easier and about the same price to go to London and park in Huntingdon station.

Which means I will only visit Cambridge for meetings and the odd meal. I’m not sure this makes economic sense for Cambridge.


  1. You must have used the Grafton short stay car park. It is what it says on the sign and you pay appropriately.


    • I used the normal grafton carpark. Mostly empty. I’m not complaint just presenting a view and my reaction.


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