Unitary Authority – could the concept go further? A repost

In a blog entry on 11th Nov 2013 I suggested the time is now right for a single council for most of Cambridgeshire. Peterborough already has this type of council and would probably benefit from growing perhaps by adding the northern parts of Cambridgeshire.

I was told last night, over a very fine curry in the “Curry House” in Cambridge, that my ideas were not bold enough. I think he had a point.

Why stop at just the councils? Why not bring together all public services into one organisation? Think of all the duplication this will save. Think how many chief exec posts could go? How many finance depts, comms depts, IT depts and legal depts that could go, to say nothing of a single governance structure that could be transparent and accountable to the people.

More importantly we would have just one organisation responsible for delivering public services across the county. One point of contact, no more being handed off from one to another.

A single budget which would force thinking in a different way.

Who will start the ball rolling?

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