Sometime things go wrong – it’s how you fix them that counts

Processes are written to ensure things run smoothly and yet remarkably they still go wrong sometimes. The process might not be clear in the first place, it might be interpreted differently to what was intended and sometimes the process is not used for many years so individuals are not familiar with it.

Of course human error, a moment of distraction or the excitement of the event can also result in process failure. When one piece of a process breaks down it can create a knock on affect to other parts of the process resulting in a much bigger mess.

How the problem is then solved is interesting. A temptation will always exist to patch up and repair in order to resolve the issue quickly and in the perceived best way. Everyone will have a view on the matter often urging many different things. A room full of experts all trying to patch and repair is a wondrous thing, often operating without any process as it has now moved into uncharted territory. Outcomes become much more unpredictable and open to further criticism.

In my experience, when something goes wrong, is complex and the result can have a potentially significant impact there is but one solution.

Start again and get it right.

Any relationship to any ongoing problems you nay be aware off is purely coincidental. 🙂

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