Silence on Lord Rennard from Cambridge Lib Dem MP and councillors

with the exception of a reply by Ian Manning who seems to believe that Lord Rennard is innocent until proven guilty, despite Party Chairman and Leader of the Lib Dems demanding an apology.

No mention of providing any protection for female Lib Dems.

I am also very surprised that Jullian Huppert has remained silent on the matter. He usually pops up with an opinion on most things despite a number of the items having little to do with him.

I have asked him, in my previous blog and sent to him via twitter: “A straight question to Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert and Lib Dem councillors “Do you think Lord Rennard should be sacked from the party?” ”

Where are the local female Lib Dem voices? Surely the electorate should be told how the local MP and councillors feel about the allegations made against a senior party member?

Why is this important! Well Julian Huppert could be thought decisive, a future leader of the party perhaps, if he comes out and says that on the balance of probability Lord Rennard is guilty of appropriate behaviour.

Doing the right thing, despite the rules, is a sign of a good leader. After all rules are for the guidance of wise men and to be obeyed by fools.

On the other hand, if Julian and fellow local councillors hide behind the ” not enough proof” defence to let Lord Rennard remain in the party it will show that they put party rules over doing the right thing and protecting women. I’m afraid that this is the opinion Ian has ventured although at least he has made a comment.

I’m not pretending that for a politician any of this is easy but people will want to know what sort of politician they will be voting for over the next couple of years. One that follows orders or one that can sort out for themselves what is right and wrong and act.

This should not be too tough given the Lib Dem Chairman and Leader have made it as clear as possible that Lord Rennard has not acted with the standard of behaviour expected of a public figure much less a Lord.

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