Tougher sentencing required

The government has published the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which extends life sentences for additional terrorism offences and ends simple cautions for serious crimes.

The public and victims of crime have a right to expect that people who commit serious crimes should be brought before a court.

It is not right that offenders receive multiple cautions or receive a caution for a serious offence. Cautions are a useful tool for single minor offences but the police need to restrict their use.

Criminals, including terrorists, who commit, or try to commit, truly horrific crimes in this country must face the very toughest punishments. Early release for these prisoners is not an automatic right, individuals must demonstrate that they no longer pose a risk to society.

Equally, those who choose to take and supply illegal drugs must be punished as well as receiving medical help for the addiction.

People who play by the rules expect those who break the law to face the consequences of their actions. Tougher sentencing will ensure a safer country and more secure communities for hardworking people and their families.

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