Europe must change say PM and German Chancellor

The Prime Minister and Chancellor Merkel share a determination to secure a better future for their countries by building stronger, more competitive, more open and more flexible economies. Both agree that Europe needs to change if it is to succeed in the modern world.

We’ve already shown what is possible. Since David Cameron became Prime Minister he has:

– Cut the EU budget to protect British taxpayers
– Vetoed a new EU treaty that would have given more power to Brussels
– Refused to spend British taxes on bailing out the Euro

We have set out a plan to deliver the change the EU needs so that it works for Britain. We will negotiate a better deal for the British taxpayer and our country. When these negotiations are complete we will give the British people a say in an in-out referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU under the new negotiated agreement.

Only the Conservatives can deliver for Britain on Europe. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats oppose our plan and would refuse the British people a say, and UKIP simply cannot deliver.

One comment

  1. Did you listen to the German version of what Chancellor Merkel was saying? PM and Chancellor didn’t say the same thing, quite the opposite: ‘der freie Handel, die Arbeitnehmerfreizügigkeit und ein “Europa ohne Grenzen”.’


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