12,829 Cambridge people voted Conservative in 2010 – please get in touch

In the 2010 General Election 12829 Cambridge people voted Conservative and pushed Labour into third place.

We are at the start of a revival in Conservative fortunes in Cambridge. Already a number of individuals have contacted me offering help, some financial, some with expertise and some with time.

This is incredibly helpful and demonstrates the latent Conservative energy in the City.

But I want more.

I want as many of the 12829 people as possible to get in touch with offers of help.

You might be willing to deliver 20 leaflets in your street, every so often. You might fancy leading a team across a ward or helping with fund raising events. For the less mobile helping to stuff envelopes is a big help and can be a social event in itself.

You might want to help develop policy or have some great suggestions you would like considered. You might just want to donate a few pounds to help the cause.

I am not concerned about if you are a party member or not. That is old fashioned thinking. What is important are people. We need the energy and support of conservative thinking people to allow us to help this great City thrive yet further and to shape thinking on the national stage.

Conservatives believe in opportunity for all, encouraging everyone to reach their potential and to protect the weak and infirm through the success of the strong.

If you can help in any way please contact me. This email address will find me and colleagues who will welcome you as a friend.


One comment

  1. If I look at the change in the poll ratings of the three main parties since 2010, the Conservatives are firmly back into third place in Cambridge. The number one goal has to be to keep out Labour and the only way to do that it is to vote tactically for Julian Huppert.


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