The Budget continues to lead political coverage in today’s news

We believe in being up front with people about the difficult decisions we need to take to reduce the deficit, which is why we will not waiver from our long-term economic plan. That plan is delivering economic stability and low mortgage rates for hardworking families and it has laid the foundations for economic recovery.

But the job is not yet done. We don’t export enough, invest enough or save enough. That’s why this Budget is about making it easier to save, making it easier to export and making it easier for businesses to invest.

By working through our long-term economic plan, we’re building a more resilient economy. That’s the only way to secure a better future for Britain and a better future for our children.

On Ed Miliband’s Budget response:

Ed Miliband has no plan to secure Britain’s future. His budget response contained:

· No mention of helping savers
· No mention of pensions
· No mention of capping welfare
· No mention of apprenticeships

Labour have no economic plan. It’s just the Same Old Labour offering short-term political fixes – and more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

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