Conservatives backing Britain – sorry, but Labour failing

Conservatives are restoring a truly proud and independent Britain – one that is economically secure and not reliant on other countries: a country which backs those who do the right thing and those who want to work hard.

We have a plan to deliver a sustainable economic recovery and we are taking difficult long-term decisions to secure a better future for Britain and our children. That’s why we are cutting the deficit, fixing the welfare system, limiting immigration, delivering apprenticeships and helping Britain’s businesses create jobs.

While David Cameron has a long-term economic plan to secure Britain’s future, all Ed Miliband can offer is short-term political fixes.

• He doesn’t want to face up to the difficult decisions – and that means he’s the same old Labour promising more borrowing, more spending and more taxes. Exactly what got us into a mess in the first place.

• He doesn’t think things through – and that means he comes up with gimmicks that unravel as soon as they’re announced.

• He doesn’t know what he stands for – and that means he flip flops about and jumps on any bandwagon going.

Ed Miliband doesn’t have the character, judgement or leadership to secure our children and grandchildren’s future. He’s too weak to stand up for Britain and isn’t up to the job of Prime Minister.

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