Cambridge politics – Conservatives focusing on the MP seat

I am really enjoining being Chairman of Cambridge Conservatives. It is rare to get an opportunity to be able to effect real change.

The Cambridge MP seat is for the taking, with lots of hard work, with an association re-invigorated politically and the right candidate. We are making progress on all three.

The Conservatives came second at the last General election in Cambridge. Over 12000 people voted Conservative.

The Lib Dems are universally unpopular and won’t be forgiven for their tuition fees about turn.

Labour are jumping to the Marxist left and threatening a whole raft of new taxes that will affect the people of Cambridge.

What we Conservatives need to do is go back to political campaigning basics. We need foot soldiers knocking on doors, not just one or two as in recent history but an army of them.

We need to find every supporter and reassure them that voting Conservative is not a wasted vote. We need to have teams of activists prepared to put up posters, deliver leaflets and knock on doors. This is beginning to happen. But there is much more to do.

We will be selecting our parliamentary candidate as soon as the May elections are out of the way. At our executive council on Tuesday we agreed the process.

Full speed ahead.

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