And what about Labour?

Three weeks after Ed Miliband launched Labour’s ‘The Choice’ campaign, the people have spoken. And what do they think of Labour’s plans? Here’s a sample:

· “wishy-washy”
· “pathetic”
· “far too weak”
· “simply too vague”
· “lacks vision”
· “hugely disappointing”
· “totally inadequate”
· “meaningless”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, but who are these comments from? None other than Labour’s own supporters when invited by to comment on the Party’s policy review on their own website.

And just in case we’d forgotten who’s really driving Labour’s “totally inadequate” agenda, Electoral Commission figures released this week covering the second quarter of 2014 revealed that Labour has now received over £34 million from the unions since Ed Miliband became leader. That’s £1,027 per hour.

It’s the same old Labour

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